My Crested Butte boutique expansion is complete! Same location, just lots more elbow room.

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Your skin loves you  .... love it back


My passion is researching and developing fresh botanical skin, hair & body products combining nourishing skin care traditions and modern science.

I infuse my creations with FRESH wild, medicinal plants I lovingly gather from the pristine mountains surrounding my home.

It's my way of sharing with you the nourishing beauty and healing magic of the forest.

Made in tiny batches by hand with organic and EcoCert ingredients.



My primary mission is providing information ….

In our search for natural alternatives and solutions to skin care issues and ways to promote healthy aging, you may be interested in what nourishing skin care traditions and wild botanical based skin care can help reconcile our modern lifestyles with the biological needs of our bodies largest organ.

There is a lot of very useful information encoded in skin care traditions from the past. And while some practices from the past are better left in the pages of history books, there many which we can employ today to help us keep our skin healthy and strong from cradle to grave.

Today, science and research informs us how and why these things work, the benefits they offer, and how to determine what is best for you and your skin.


If you need instructions on using any of my creations - all of them are found here …


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Explore my collection of wild-crafted botanical soaps, lotions, hair and body care for men and women of all ages.

My creations are produced in micro-batches, by hand, with mostly organic, EcoCert, and wild-crafted botanical ingredients

I collect the plants from the pristine wilds surrounding my home and infused them FRESH into your product.



As a seeker, researcher and formulator of Nourishing Skin Care I have personally been incorporating honey into my skin care routine on and off for years and recommending it to my clients with inflammatory skin issues, and creating custom fresh masks for clients.

I am always working on products also, so when recently I was playing around with some clay masks I irritated my poor face (my face does not like clay one bit, never has). I developed painful, dry patches, bumps and blemishes.

So I reached for the honey, blended up a hydrating mask and switched to washing with just honey for a few days to soothe and calm my irritated skin.

Relief was almost immediate.

It was a welcome and sweet reminder of honey’s unique ability to heal and moisturize. So I got working on some honey products to offer my customers, some DIY things you can try at home, and provide instructions on cleansing and masking with honey.




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Thank you for visiting my website. My boutique in Crested Butte is open year round.

If you’re visiting our wee hamlet, come on in! Reach out to me before you visit so we can definitely connect.



Hello! I am Valerie Jaquith, creator and founder of Colorado Real Soap. Thanks for visiting,

I hope you’ll find useful information and be inspired to try some of my creations.


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