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NEW FORMULA: now with Dead Sea Salt powder and more Aloe.

FINELY GROUND RICE + CHARCOAL + ALOE + SEAWEED + 2% ALA + SILK PROTEIN, DEAD SEA SALT. Just add water and or oils to create a silky smooth gentle exfoliating FOAMING cleanser. 

NEW! 100% Preservative & Emulsifier Free 

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A 100% Biodegradable, Sulfate Free, Foaming Cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acid - you're going to love this! 

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Use as part of the OCM by alternating between using PERFECTION SCRUB and CLEANSING GRAINS. 

For a long time I have only cleansed with oils ... BUT YET ... I STILL really enjoy washing my face with a creamy lathery once in awhile.  But foaming cleaners dry me out. Cleansers with a foamy ingredient is good at removing natural skin oils. For me this leads to dry flaky skin vulnerable to redness, clogged pores, blackheads and itchy outbreaks!   

So earlier this year I got working in my lab and came up with a this unique cleanser 100% free of emulsifiers and preservatives. It is shelf stable and will never go bad.  

ingredients: finely ground organic white rice, *SLSA, *SLC, organic rhodophyta seaweed, organic aloe leaf, activated charcoal, Silk proteins, Dead Sea Salt powder, Brazilian sea salt, 2% Alpha Lipoic Acid, with Citrus essential oils. 

Note: ECOcert SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) & SCL (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) are SULFATE-FREE 100% Biodegradable Coconut derived cleansers. Both have an EWG Score of 1 and are commonly found in natural baby shampoo and cleansers because they are super gentle.  

My powdered cleansing grams offer gentle exfoliation with very, very finely ground organic white rice with the detoxifying power of CHARCOAL, the hydrating properties of SEAWEED, the skin loving benefits of ALOE, the deep pore cleansing and exfoliation power of ALPHA LIPOIC ACID, the healing power of Dead Sea Salt, PLUS therapeutic grade citrus essential oils to stimulate blood flow and skin cell turnover. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a naturally occurring enzyme found in every cell of the body which helps turn glucose into energy. As an antioxidant ALA works to attack free radicals which can cause harmful reactions and damage cells. ALA is involved in "energy production in skin cells; the regeneration of vitamins C and E; inhibiting the activation of transcription factor NF-kB; reduction of cellular inflammation; stimulation of AP-1, which helps remodel collagen; and protection of the skin from free radical inflammation, including sun exposure"  LIVESTRONG

if you have dry skin I strongly suggest you add oil to the mixture or use just oil. I use my Cleansing Oil blends


  • The mix ratio is about 1:1. I add about 1/2 of a dinner spoon full of powder, and about the same amount of water. Mix this in the small container I send along with your order.  The mixture should to be thin enough to pour. If it doesn't pour easily add a little more water. 

  • If you tend to have dry skin or want extra conditioning use oil instead of water, or a combination of both. I like to use one of my cleansing oil blend. Other good choices sweet almond, apricot, jojoba, hempseed, grapeseed. Using oil will reduce the amount of bubbles but adds a lot of conditioning and will reduce any dryness that might result from using a foaming cleanser. 

  • Pour some of the mixture into your palm. Rub briskly together to create a creamy lather, or pour onto a washcloth.  The washcloth method is less messy, since the mixture is dark due to the charcoal, the washcloth greatly reduces the amount of cleanup if you are washing in the sink. But use a dark colored washcloth because the charcoal will stain it. 

  • Gently scrub then rinse very thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. 

  • NOTE: Since you have now introduced water, the remaining mixture will need to be used or discarded in 4-5 days.  So just make enough to use it up within that time frame. Clean the small jar well between batches.  

  • Keep the powder away from moisture.

  • Use 2-3 times a week. 

NEXT STEP: toning and moisturizing. 

  • A toner will help maintain/restore your skin's slightly acidic ph that may be altered by the use of a foaming cleanser. Pure hydrosol waters are a simple, nourishing way to do this. I do not recommend witch hazel due to the alcohol produced during distillation. READ MORE

  • Apply a generous amount of facial oils to dampened skin, massage gently then allow to air dry. Massage periodically as your face is drying to disperse oils and enhance penetration. Since oils, in and of themselves are NOT moisturizers (when we say moisture we mean WATER), by adding a water component and mixing on the skin with the oils, you have now turned the oils into a deeply nourishing natural moisturizer.  Alternatively, you can use your favorite cream, my All Over Lotion or my Body Butter. I prefer to use just oils on my face to reduce my pores tendency to get clogged. 

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