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I bring the power of wild, fresh skin loving herbs to my cleansing oil creations! I make my most popular cleansing oil blend with the buds of the mighty cottonwood tree. The buds contain resinous sap rich in Salicin, the precursor of Salicylic Acid. Salicin is found in smaller amounts in willow bark, it's known to help reduce redness & inflammation, relieve itchy skin, reduce and control acne and outbreaks, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  For mature skin, and acenic skin. Enhanced with just Rosewood essential oil. 


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You can read all about Salicin, cottonwood trees, and their medicinal value in my blog post ... READ MORE - if you are concerned that you are allegeric to cottonwood pollen scroll down for more info. 

I make this best selling cleansing blend with cottonwood leaf buds from my local environment.  I wonder the river valleys collecting them from fallen branches in the spring and immediately infuse them into organic, refined Avocado Oil. I strain the oil and infused it again for a double infused oil. Then I blend this with other astringent, clarifying, nourishing oils, and Rosewood essential oil. NO CASTOR OIL (read why below).


Analgesic (pain and itch relief)

Gentle exfoliation 

Astringent properties


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Cottonwood bud are a rich source of a balsam resin containing the plant chemical Salicin.  Salicin is found in concentrated amounts in the sticky, bright reddish/orange resin which exudes from the cottonwood leaf buds in the spring before they open to become leaves. 

Salicin is the precoursor of Salicylic Acid.  Salicylic Acid is well known for it's powerful anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and antimicrobial properties.  Salacin also offers these healing properties.  One of the most anceint herbal remedies known is called Balm of Gilead. Still in wide use today, this salve is created by infusing the buds into a fat or oil.  In the ancient world the Balsam Poplar was used, in the Amricas we use a relative, the cottonwood tree. 

Here in the Alpine and Sub-Alpine regions the decidious trees and shrubs are almost all related to the mighty Cottonwood; Aspen, Alder, and over a dozen species of willows, all possess this chemical in their leaves, stem, bark and bud.  I extract the resin from the cottonwood buds into organic, refined Avocado oil. The resin melts into the oil, creating a Salicin rich infusion which I will then blend with other astringent oils to create a safe, effective cleansing oil with gentle exfoliating action which benefits both both acne prone and mature skin. 

Salicin's exfoliating action provides anti-aging benefits by stimulating skin cell turnover, working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help with acne.  

The anti-inflammatory properties of Salicin reduces swelling, redness and itching outbreaks, something I personally have suffered from in the past. 


INGREDIENTS: Cottonwood bud infused refined Avocado oil, Grapeseed, Hemp seed, Apricot seed, Safflower, Sunflower, Jojoba, Almond, Aloe, Olive Oil, Neem, Vit.E. Calendula Flowers, Rosemary leaf oil. ENHANCED WITH THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS: Rosewood

The extracted resin from the Cottonwood bud is also rich in tannins. A high tannin conent is what makes an oil "astringent".  Tannins are complex chemical substances derived from phenolic acids (sometimes called tannic acid). Tannins are what color tea brown and which turns my infused oil a similar color. Tannins penetrate the hair follicle, removing excess sebum, makeup, sunscreen, dirt, grease and grim which can make skin look dull. You may be familiar with the use of green and black tea in skin treatments for the same purpose. 

Cottonwood buds have the same quality. Tannins are astringent, meaning they tighten pores by drawing skin tissue together helping minimize pore size, reduce swelling and soothing inflammatory skin conditions. Tannins, similar to Salicin, reducec inflammation so the infused oil brings another level of irritation calming properties. 

The buds contain powerful anti-fungal and anti-microbial compounds, helping protect the skin from pathogenic microbes responsible for itchiness, outbreaks, and other skin issues. 


Bringing the power of skin loving herbs to my cleansing oil creations!  

The oils themselves do most of the hard work of cleansing your skin, but by infusing them with powerful healing herbs fresh from the local forest they soar to new heights of awesomeness! 

These infused oils penetrate quickly to dissolve dirt, grease, sunscreen & makeup without the need for soap or cleansers. The needles of the evergreen trees are proven anti anti-microbial  & anti-inflammatory properties, helping reduce chronic inflammation and decrease the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and reducing itchy breakouts. Pine also is astringent, reknown for it's ability to cleanse.  


HOW I CREATE A CLEANSING OIL BLEND: All variations of my cleansing oil blends combine clarifying “astringent (linoleic acid)” oils and “conditioning (Oleic acid)” oils. Astringent oils are rich in Linoleic acid and are light, easily absorbed, and are a required ingredient in a cleansing oil. An astringent is a substance which stimulates biological tissues to contract and draw together.

Oils rich in Linoleic acid have proven anti-wrinkle properties and benefits skin prone to itchy breakouts. If skin is deficient in Linoleic acid the sebaceous glands of the skin produce a type of sebum which is drier and more firm than healthy sebum. This dry, hard sebum easily becomes stuck, causing blackheads, whiteheads and conmedons to form.

Oils high in Oleic acids are considered to be deeply skin “conditioning” oils, they are emollient, healing, moisturizing, and occlusive. They have a heavier bodied and take longer to be absorbed making them vital to combating dryness in harsh, arid climates. Dry climates can dehydrate skin. Dehydrated skin can be easily damaged, making it vulnerable to bacterial penetration which may lead to itchy outbreaks and acne. Oleic acids nourish the skin and strengthen skin resiliency, this can help reduce breakouts in people with “dry skin” outbreaks by maintaining the skin's structure and function.  

A NOTE ON ALLERGIES:  Many people I see here in Crested Butte, where we have a significant population of cottonwoods, are convinced they are allergic to the fluffy cotton that fills the air for a few weeks in the spring when the catkins open to release their seeds.  It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that this is causing allergic reactions (itchy eyes, sneezing etc) Cottonwood pollen IS NOT a common allergen, you are probably reacting to RAG WEED! It blooms at the same time but can not be seen. We blame the cottonwood cotton, but it's proabably rag weed.

There is no such thing as "hypoallergenic" - it is a marketing term and it is also dangerous for anyone to make that claim. Always test any new skin care product on a small patch of skin to determine sensitivities.

The regular use of cleansing oils works will help strengthen the skin's lipid barrier. One of the roles of the lipid barrier is moisture retention. You will find that cleansing with oils, and reducing or eliminating the use of surfactant based cleansers can, over time, help reduce water loss from the skin due to evaporation. 

NO CASTOR OIL. Castor oil is commonly included in cleansing oils blends.  I do not include it in my blends becuase of it's tendency to be too drying for many people.  If you have very oily skin and want to try adding it to my blend, I would suggest starting with just a drop or two and evaluate your results. Please contact me for more information.

These are handmade, small batch, artisanal products. Minor variation from batch to batch can be expected. Handle with care; keep the lid on and avoid contamination with water.  If you are unhappy with your product for any reason please contact me directly.

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