If you’re looking for Defy, this is it - with a new name!

Move over BB Cream - meet DD Cream (Dew Drops!) - When skin is super hydrated it’s plump and supple, and feels silky soft to the touch. It’s stronger, more resilient, retains moisture longer and performs it’s vital functions better - protecting us from the harsh effects of pollution, solar radiation, pathogenic bacterial penetration and more.

Dew Drops is a Hyaluronic acid (HA) moisturizing serum lotion for faces with Cold Water Seaweed extract and Willow Bark infused glycerin which all work to plump up the skin and hold moisture. The addition of Aloe juice, seed oils, Hydrosol water and vitamins provide diverse nutrients which feed, heal, and nourish the dermis and epidermis.

Better than Botox? Time machine in a bottle? Well, I’m addicted to it and my product testers have been begging me to launch it.

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Use morning and night! 

For those with mild to extremely dry skin who are not prone to severe acne. Great for mature skin and those who want to improve and preserve supple texture and even skin tone.

In the morning, spritz dry skin with hydrosol water for added moisture, apply a liberal amount of Dew Drops, massage and allow to air dry. Wait 10 minutes then apply sunscreen, makeup. If you have very dry skin, you may choose to apply additional moisturizer before that. 

At night, after cleansing, spritz dry skin with hydrosol water for added moisture, apply a liberal amount of Dew Drops, massage NOW massage in a generous amount of a facial oil. Massage and allow to dry and soak in about 15 minutes before hitting the pillow.  

3 powerful humectants in your Dew Drops do triple duty grabbing and holding moisture on the surface of the skin. 

Enhanced with therapeutic grade essential oils: Carrot Seed, Frankincense and Helichrysum - Three of the most effective healthy-aging essential oils. 

The aroma is delicious! Uplifting and fresh, while at the same time soothing to the senses. We all love it, day or night! 

Ingredients: *Aloe Juice, ^Babassu oil, *Colza plant wax, Cetearyl Alcohol, ^Cold Water Seaweed Extract, *Pracaxi oil, *^White Willow Bark Glycerite, Silk Amino Acids, *Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, ^Wild Rose Petal infused **Almond oil, *Chamomile extract, Glyceryl Stearate (emulsifier),  Hyaluronic Acid, +Ritamulse (emulsifier), panthenol DL, Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6, *Rosemary Seed extract, +Propanediol & Ethylhexylglycerin (naturally derived preservatives), potassium sorbate (food grade preservative).  (*ORGANIC **COLD PRESSED VIRGIN ORGANIC, ^WILDCRAFTED +ECOCERT). Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

SHAKE VERY WELL BEFORE DISPENSING: Separation is normal. There are 2 crystal beads in each bottle to help blend the ingredients.



you'll only know if you try it

The number one natural cause of facial skin damage is over exposure to the sun. The second major cause is the cumulative effects of our modern lifestyles; over cleansing, use of synthetic ingredients and rancid products, harsh chemical peels and treatments, over exposure to synthetic fragrances, and the list goes on.  The third is stress: physical, emotional and environmental. 

Adopting practices and skin treatments which support skin's biology and chemistry will help us to reconcile our modern lifestyles and our skin's needs.

Adapting nourishing skincare traditions in novel ways, and by wisely bringing modern science and technology to bear we can help support strong resilient skin, able to be withstand the ravages of the environment, lifestyles and time. 


Hyaluronic Acid and Cold Water Seaweed Extract play a starring role in this lotion. They are both "Master Hydrators" functioning as powerful humectants, drawing moisture to the skin and holding it there.  

BABIES HAVE SUPER SOFT SKIN FOR A REASON ... loads of hyaluronic acid.  

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring, structural component of collagen - it protects the structure of our skin cells by forming "water cushions" between them. Babies have a lot of it - it's what makes their skin so darn plump, supple, and smooth to the touch. HA naturally declines as we age. Wrinkles, lines, and sunspots appear.  The skin becomes less elastic and less soft to the touch. It becomes thinner and more easily damaged. 

A serum that includes HA creates a protective, breathable film on the skin's surface even at rates as low as .1%. This helps to plump. smooth and soften skin, restoring elasticity and moisture retention.  Your skin will look, feel and perform better with daily use of a HA serum or lotion.  





regeneration of damaged cells

protect from sun damage

enhance wound healing

reduce scar formation

prevent premature aging

revitalize rough, dry skin

MARINE PLANTS ARE TAKING THE SKIN INDUSTRY BY STORM.   Marine seaweed extracts are anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative, and there is evidence it is able to protect skin from sun damage.  

Sargassum vulgare, Botryocladia occidentalis, and Hypnea musciformis are of particular interest - having then proven ability to accelerate regeneration of damaged cells, enhance wound healing, reduce scar formation, prevent premature aging and revitalize rough, dry skin.

As we age, cellular glycation, weakens the skin's structure at a cellular level resulting in looser skin and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. These sea plants have also shown to help prevent the breakdown of elastin and collagen and to stimulate formation of new fibroblasts and collagen.  They have Immune modulating effects; stimulating the skin to produce keratinocytes when exposed to UV radiation and pollution. Keratinocytes serve as a barrier from the environment, preventing invasion by toxins and pathogens. 

Glycerine - another naturally occurring moisturizing component of healthy skin. We start out in life with a lot of it ... and experience it's decline as we age.  

A "glycerite" is glycerin infused with medicinal plants.

Over use of harsh foaming cleansers and anything which contains denatured alcohol (think conventional toners) strip the skin of it's natural moistening factors (NMF).  Glycerin is a powerful humectant and has been used to soften, smooth and moisturize skin for a very long time.  It is hygroscopic and able to mimic the skin's NMFs. Glycerine in skin care brings yet another moisture grabbing ingredient - making a total of 3 powerful humectants in your Dew Drops. 

Powerful medicine can be created by infusing medicinal plants into glycerine. The plant compounds are extracted into to the glycerine by simply covering the plant material with glycerine and allowing time for the compounds to be extracted. It's that simple.  We call these Glycerites and they are used mostly for creating herbal remedies.  The use of glycerites in skin care is not very common but they hold great promise for addressing many acute and chronic skin disorders by delivering healing plant compounds along with moisture.     

White willow bark is one of the richest sources of naturally occurring Salicin,  precursor to salicylic acid. So in addition to the added moisture, White Willow Bark glycerite enhances the Dew Drops with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping help reduce redness, itch and scaring. It can calm skin irritations, reduce the size of closed comedones and prevent clogged pores. 

The moisture components: Aloe juice and Hydrosol water

Many HA serums do not include a moisture component. And that can spell trouble.  HA must have ample moisture to perform well. By it's nature HA works hard to gather up available moisture because it is highly hygroscopic,  pulling it from the surrounding environment. In a dry climate beware, since there is little moisture in the air to be soaked up the HA, the moisture has to come from somewhere - so it is soaked up from your skin! 

To avoid this situation I incorporate a generous amount of Aloe juice (it is the first ingredient) and Helichrysum Hydrosol water into my Dew Drops. Giving the HA plenty of "water" to grab hold of!  These leaves the moisture in your skin where you want it while providing even more - which is the ultimate goal. Water saturated HA forms a protective, breathable barrier sealing in moisture and keeping it there.   

ALL THE REST: organic infused oils, vitamins, silk amino acids 

Infused virgin organic Rose petal infused Almond oil and Praxaci oil, vitamins and silk amino acids help seal in moisture and bring additional nourishment helping support strong, resilient skin better able to perform it's vital functions. I could go on and on about each component of this unique creation.  But this is long enough! 


Made in micro batches to ensure optimal freshness. Shelf life is 6 months. Batch date and use by date are on the label. 

I use the minimal amount of  plant derived, biodegradable preservatives - care must be take not contaminate.  

This formula has a thin consistency - Use care when dispensing from the mouth of the bottle, it is easy to pour too much out!  Resist the impulse to return any unused serum to the bottle from your finger if you dispense too much.  This will contaminate the whole bottle. 


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