EO MINERAL IMMERSIONS - Bath Soaking Solutions

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EO MINERAL IMMERSIONS - Bath Soaking Solutions


THE BATH IS BACK BABY!  "Thalassotherapy" is the practice of soaking in warm, mineralized salt water. This ancient therapy is a nourishing tradition with powerful, long last effects.  I create my mineral rich, bath soaking solution to nourish and detoxify the skin, soothe sore muscles, ease dry skin and itch, while relaxing the heart, mind and body. 

Pure and Natural! NO anti caking ingredients or synthetic anything.

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Light some candles, sit back, and relax ... you deserve it! 

Soaking in warm, mineral rich waters, Thalassotherapy, has been used throughout history for a myriad of skin and health issues. The list of the therapeutic effects of soaking in mineral rich warm waters is long indeed. Discover why you should consider adopting this nourishing habit year round! It's right at the top of my list of favorite nourishing skincare traditions. 

Craving a good nights sleep?  Soaking in warm salt baths loaded with magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts) can help you get a good night's sleep.

Need 20 minutes at the spa? A soothing soak is great way to chill out and enjoy some quiet relaxation away from the busy world.  

Milk, butter, cream - dairy has been used to beautify the skin since the time of the pharaohs.  Dairy imparts soothing fats, phosolipids, vitamins and minerals which condition the skin, helping it stay soft and silky smooth.

Cleopatra's great beauty was attributed to her habit of soaking in a tub filled with warm, fresh milk. Short of that luxury, I now include dairy powders to enhance the skin soothing an beautifying properties of your bath water. 

I have upgraded my recipes!  I now include medicinal flowers and leaves and dairy powders in all of my varieties.  

INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt, Brazilian Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, dendritic sea salt, Colloidal Oatmeal, Powder organic Buttermilk, Powdered organic Yogurt, Powdered medicinal leaves and flowers. Essential Oils.


CHILL PILL:  sweet orange + lavender + patchouli + sweet basil + German chamomile. Powdered Marshmallow Leaves. - a skin soothing medicinal plant that grows in marshy places. 

MEDITATION: sandalwood + frankincense + vetiver + myrtle + Cedarwood + patchouli. Powdered Calendula blossoms. The blossoms are harvested from my garden.

WILD MOUNTAIN ROSE (formerly BOUNDLESS): absolute rose + geranium rose + palmarosa lavender + coriander. Powdered Wild Harvested Rose Petals.

JUST LAVENDER: Colorado lavender. Powdered locally grown Lavender Buds. The Lavender is from Delta, Colorado. 

LAVENDER DREAMS: chamomile + clary sage + copaiba + lavender + Peru balsam, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, ylang ylang. Powdered Calendula blossoms. The blossoms are harvested from my garden.

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