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A delicious fusion of nourishing seed oils, plant extracts, silk and oat proteins, and loads of vitamins. Enhanced with pure premium citrus essential oils.

No Fragrances + No Dyes or SLS + No Parabens + No Formaldehyde.


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I formulated my Fusion Conditioner with the help of a cosmetic chemist (read more below) to create a truly high end natural product which provides deep conditioning as a rinse out formula, AND to use a leave in conditioner. 

Like me, I know you are picky about your shampoo and conditioner and will stick with one that you fall in love with!  That said, those who try it come back for more and both my Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner are becoming best sellers. Not only is the citrus aroma delicious and uplifting, but citrus essential oils assist in the absorption of the vitamins we loaded it up with. And this is how it helps strengthen hair so you can grow it longer than ever before!    This conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth and has strengthened it so much that I have been able to grow it longer than ever before with less breakage and split ends. 

Check out my picture on MY STORY page and see how long my hair is! In this recent picture I haven't cut it (other than to trim the very ends) in over 2 years

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Ingredients: *Aloe Juice, *Babassu oil, BTMS (wax derived from Colza plant), cetearyl alcohol, *extra virgin olive, *apricot kernel oil, *glycerin, silk amino acids, *hydrolyzed oat protein, Chamomile extract, glyceryl stearate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, panthenol DL, *Vitamin E, *rosemary seed extract, vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, propanediol (naturally derived preservative), ethylhexylglycerin (naturally derived preservative), potassium sorbate (food grade preservative)

Enhanced with my best selling 100% pure citrus essential oil blend It's so uplifting, we all love it!  Grapefruit + Lemon + Lime + Litsea + Mandarin + Sweet Orange Peel.

DID YOU KNOW? Hard water (water with lots of minerals) interferes with the ability to completely rinse soap from your hair. Unless you add a softener to your water, the vast majority of water in our homes is hard. Occasionally, 1 or 2 times a month, rinsing your hair with diluted vinegar after washing will remove residue and build-up from your hair.  Dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water. Saturate your hair and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse and follow with your favorite conditioner.

A note on how this blend was created. A few years ago I hired a cosmetic chemist to help me tackle the hurdles I was trying to overcome when formulating more complex emulsions. My consultant helped me create this amazing recipe and then troubleshoot production over the course of about 6 months. Our efforts resulted in this high-end natural shampoo which I produce in small batches and enhance with citrus essential oils for aroma and additional toning. 

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