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100% PURE HYDROSOL WATER BLEND: A blend of pure plant steam distillates (all organic) of the following: 35% Rose Damascus Hydrosol + 35% Helichrysum Italicum (aka Immortelle) Hydrosol,  20% Plantago Major (aka Plantain) Hydrosol + 10% Witch Hazel Hydrosol. ECOCERT NeoDefend preservative (GRAS, biodegradable, plant derived)

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Ingredients: *organic Rosa damascena Distillate, organic Helichrysum italicum Distillate, Plantago Major Distillate, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate. NeoDefend Preservative 1% (gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate) 

Batch #1 Feb. 2018 Best if used by August, 2018

Learn more about the the magic of hydrosol waters and how they have been used for thousands of year to improve and support skin health. 

100% Pure Plant Hydrosols: A gentle, nourishing toner for all skin types. 

You know I love nourishing traditions! So when I spritz my face with a Hydrosol water I know I'm not just nourishing my skin with pure, plant quintessence, I'm participating in an ancient healing ritual.  The use of hydrosol waters predate essential oils by hundreds if not thousands of years! In fact, there is evidence of the making of hydrosol waters by the distillation of medicinal plants as long as 5000 years ago.  If you are looking for gentle, affective simple solutions to achieve glowing, youthful skin you're going to love this nourishing skincare tradition. 

I am sourcing these lovely small batch, made fresh to order, organic hydrosol waters from a trusted supplier of herbal concoctions. It took me about 6 months to find these especially delightful, sparkling distillates and the wonderful people who make them!  They craft these TO ORDER and they arrive in glass containers, already carefully preserved with an ECOCERT preservative which I explain HERE.   

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