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The OCM KIT includes everything you need to get started with the Oil Cleansing Method. You choose the variety of Cleansing Oil and which of my two facial oils blends, Each kit comes with Perfection Scrub for Faces and a few disposable paper wipes to remove the cleansing oils.

Step by Step instructions can be found HERE. Please reach out to me with questions!

EO Cleansing Option:
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  • 1, 2 oz bottle of OCM Deep Cleansing Oils of your choice.

  • 1, 15 ml bottle of Alpenfleur Facial Oils OR 1, 30 ml bottle of Rose Petal + Rose Hips Vit. C Facial oil.

  • 1, 2 oz jar of OCM Perfection Scrub for Faces. 

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Using a basic law of chemistry, and an ancient skin care tradition, to support healthy, resilient, CLEAN skin without the need for harsh cleansers.

Many centuries ago, long before people discovered how to make "soap" from oils and fats, people used just oils to cleanse. Maybe you are familiar with "OIL PULLING" for the mouth? Then you know how it oils works to clean - but on the skin it is even MORE effective. 


A Note on Acne, Allergies and Sensitivities

If you have moderate to severe acne, hormonal acne, very sensitive, irritable, inflamed skin please proceed with caution. Before making any changes to your routine. please contact me directly for more information.  It's good policy to test any skin product before use. HOW TO PERFORM A PATCH TEST


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