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Shaving does NOT have to be a drag!  Get ready for my silky smooth, ultra conditioning, whipped shaving cream soap. Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin.

Shaving scraps away skin cells, that is just a fact, and that WILL reduce skins ability to retail moisture.  Harsh chemicals and detergents in conventional products only make matters worse!   So stop whatever you are using and prepare to have your mind blown.  This creamy whipped delight features handmade hemp and olive oil liquid soap, seed butters, and Citrus essential oils and ZERO chemical foaming agents.


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Forget what you think you know, and embrace smooth shaving ahead, because shaving doesn't have to be a drag.

I have crafted a truly unique shave cream soap!  First I transform my liquid hemp and olive oil soap into a thick gel with the addition of vegetable cellulose (read about what this is). Then I whip it to perfection with soothing Aloe Vera and lotion ingredients. 

ENHANCED WITH MY BEST SELLING CITRUS BLEND OF THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS: Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Litsea Fruit, Mandarin, Sweet Orange Peel Oil.

Ingredients:  *Hemp + Olive + liquid castile soap, *Sunflower seed oil, *Witch Hazel hydrosol water, *Aloe, Vegetable cellulose, *Beeswax, *Cocoa Butter, Vit. E, *glycerin,
EcoCert leuconostoc preservative (derived from radish root ferment). Rosemary and Citrus essential oils.

The result is a rich, buttery, foam-free blade buffer which leaves your skin so silky soft, and conditioned - no more razor burn, red bumps, rashes and less flaky skin!  

Applied to wet skin, my whipped delight lays down a thin, velvety barrier film between the metal blade and your precious skin!  This allows the blade to glide clean and smooth ... no dragging!

Rinsing your blade under a heavy hot stream of water will remove the residue. Wiping the blade with a warm wet cloth is a good idea too.  It's a small step to achieve great results!  

FOR FACES INSTRUCTIONS: My “in-home product tester” (can you guess who that might be) suggests

Works great with or without a brush.

No more razor burn, bumps or irritated skin! Promise!

  • pour just the tiniest amount in your palm

  • add a little water rub your hands together

  • Rub into warm, wet skin.

  • Or use with a brush. Pour a little in your palm and then apply to your brush.

  • Jeff says you barely need any and you only need a tiny bit, if you apply too much it takes more effort to rinse from the blade.

  • When you done, rinse well with warm water, pat dry.

  • Report back how amazing your skin feels!

TIP: Wiping the blade on a wet washcloth (with the grain) before rinsing removes most of the debris and provides for faster removal of the rest when you rinse it.

Since the formula is thin you won’t see it on your skin after you apply it - no foam! You won’t have a clear indication of where you have already shaved. Most experienced shavers will know where they just swiped and do not need to cut through thick, conventional (synthetic) foamy shaving cream to keep track of progress. We think this is irrelevant but wanted to mention it anyway so you know what to expect..

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