rose petals in oil
infused rosehip seed oil
infused rosehip seed oil
rose petals in oil
infused rosehip seed oil
infused rosehip seed oil



One of my signature creations! Fresh wild rose petals and ripe rose hips collected from the wild forest, infused into light, deeply penetrating skin loving oils then enhanced with oil soluble, very stable, Vitamin C at 3%. Use day or night. Vitamin C does some pretty amazing things like stimulates collagen production,  clarifies and brighten skin by inhibiting melanogenesis and promotes a more even skin tone. Inhibits free radical formation, and helps protect from UV exposure. 

EXCELLENT NOURISHMENT & SUPPORT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES (extra awesome for mature and acne prone skin)


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Use day or night, absorbs quickly, helps retain moisture

Noticeably softer skin

Reduce the appearance of sun spots + fine lines + scars

Stimulates collagen production

Clarifies and brighten the skin by inhibiting melanogenesis (the production of pigment)

Promotes a more even skin tone

Anti-oxidant: Inhibits free radical formation, and helps protect from UV exposure

FOR BEST RESULTS:  Facial oils need a carrier to enhance absorption.  Oils applied to damp skin, massaged and allowed to air dry will soak in quickly and will not leave an oily residue.  

Gently massage a generous amount (5-10 drops) into damp skin and allow to air dry.

Add a few drops to your favorite cream.

Ingredients: **Wild Mountain Rose Petals, **Rosehip + **Geranium blossoms infused *Sweet Almond Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Olive Oil Squalane, *Borage seed oil, oil soluble Vitamin C, *Rosemary leaf Extract, Mixed tocopherols, essential Oils. (*ORGANIC + COLD PRESSED, VIRGIN, **WILDCRAFTED)

Each bottle is individually enhanced with therapeutic grade Essential Oils of Geranium Rose + Rose Absolute + Rose Otto + Rose de Mai, Palmarosa and oil soluble Vitamin C.

Rose hip seed oil has been the subject of much scientific research noting its ability to reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and scars. A major study was done on people with noticeably damaged skin: deep wrinkles and other premature aging, UV damage, radiation damage, acne scarring, burn scarring, dermatitis, etc. 

Rosehip seed oil showed significant, noticeable effects in the appearance of wrinkles and scars, and helping the skin to regain its natural color and tone. 

ROSE PETAL + ROSEHIP INFUSED FACIAL OIL SERUM — I recently gave this as a “new mama” gift. After a few days, my friends told me that every morning when she puts it on she feels like she’s doing something above and beyond just for her. She said to me, “it feels luxurious and decadent, but also deeply nourishing. And I LOVE how it feels and smells!”
— Annie Brown, Boulder Colorado. January 2018

I gather the rose petals from the mountains in the summer and infuse them fresh into nourishing sweet almond oil. Later, in the fall, I go back and collect the Rose hips, I crush them to extract the oil from the seed and the fruit then infuse them into the Rose Petal oil. This is then blended with additional oils and rose & geranium essential oils. 

I create this blend of facial oils in micro batches with exceptionally fresh, organic virgin, cold pressed oils to which I add oil soluble, stable vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract. Every base oil I purchase from my supplier includes vital information I need including a full chemical analysis, place and date of origin.  

Free radicals both cause and contribute to premature ageing and age-related conditions of the skin including cancer. Free radical production happens right on the surface of our skin when it is exposed to damaging UV rays. Free radicals cause your own skin oils to produce more free radicals causing more damage by destroying collagen. Collagen is the building blocks of our skin.

Industrial processing of food creates rancidity in the fats and oils due from heat, light, pressure, extrusion, air. etc  Contributing to widespread disease.   

Industrial production of skin care does the same damage, and contributes to diease processes on the surface of our skin.

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract protect the oils themselves from the damage caused by heat, light, and exposure to air.  They protect your skin at the same time by neutralising or scavenging free radicals before they ravage your skin by hindering the oxidative process, helping protect it from mutation and damage while helping preserve the feel and function of soft, supple skin, reducing scar formation and promoting healing. 


These are handmade, small batch, artisanal products. Minor variation from batch to batch can be expected. Handle with care; keep the lid on tight, avoid contamination with water and USE IT UP! We tend to keep things longer than we should.  

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason please contact me directly.


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