in order to gain the most insights for getting the best results Please read through my entire instructions before your first mask!

Your Fresh Skin Salvation Mask helps support a healthy skin microbiome, providing nourishment and healing properties from wild harvested plant in a deeply hydrating mask which includes zinc, infused honey, hyaluronic acid, infused glycerin, seaweed extracts, and more. The base of my mask is similar for just about everyone, then I customize it for you.

Depending on your skin’s need so there are different approaches to getting the best results.

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Just about everyone will benefit from this - treat your skin to a daily mask until you run out.

A generous amount of mask is applied to damp skin, then intermittently spritzed with hydrosol water over a 20 - 30 minute period, each time massaging to blend the mask and water, waiting a little while and doing that again - 3 or 4 times before rinsing off.

SPOT TREATMENT - If your are working on re-hydrating your skin and it is not breaking out, easily irritated or your eczema is mild to moderate, you can use your fresh, humectant rich mask as a spot treatment to increase hydration and provide more healing & soothing compounds to help relive dry, flaky, itchy skin. Everyone is different so if you experience irritation then proceed with caution.


We need to be very gentle and loving to our skin when it is inflamed, breaking out, very sensitive or reactive. Everyone has different triggers and tolerances At the same we want to provide nourishment and healing properties. Before performing your first Therapeutic Blast Mask please take these steps.

On dry skin, gently dab a little of the mask on the inflamed areas and rinse off after 5 minutes. Wait another 10 minutes to see how your skin likes it - this is somewhat objective. Itching or redness would be an indication to take it slow. Reach out to me for suggestions on how to proceed.

If it felt good and didn’t cause irritation, continue on to doing a full Therapeutic Blast Mask.



Total time = 20 - 30 minutes.

Cleanse your face first and gently exfoliate. Most people experience better penetration by using my Foaming Charcoal Cleanser to prep the skin, Oil Cleansing first is not my preferred pre-mask cleanse but that is a personal preference. If you try both, please report your experience.

  • Pat dry

  • If your personalized mask formula is thin, then shake the bottle very well right before application. Contents settle.

Application Steps:

  • Spritz lightly with the hydrosol. Wetting your face before applying the mask provides 1. moisture and 2. slip.

  • Start by either pouring some mask into your palm, or scooping it out of the jar using a very clean finger. Gently pat and massage the mask all over your face.

  • NOTE: do apply the mask to the thin skin under your eyes, with so many powerful humectant properties you don’t want to puff up that area!

  • Apply more mask and spritz more hydrosol if you need more “slip”. until you have applied about 1 tablespoon of the mask in total.

  • If you have resilient skin, go ahead and give yourself a nice facial massage, pressing the mask in with fingertips into pore.

  • SENSITIVE SKIN or INFLAMED ACNE? If you have sensitive or reactive skin, or any kind of inflammation, very gently massage for just a moment to blend together the water and mask, take care not to tug on your skin, Use a generous amount of hydrosol to ensure good slip.

Time to chill: Additional Steps

These steps will enhance the therapeutic value of your fresh mask. The mask might feel a little warm, that's the warming nature of glycerin. 

It won’t take long for the mask to start sinking deep into your skin. Time to add more MOISTURE!


  • After you have waited about 5 minutes - spritz LIGHTLY again with hydrosol. Gently massage to blend the water and mask together

  • Wait another few minutes and do this step again, spritz, massage to blend, wait another 5 minutes or so …. then do it again!

  • Repeat this step 3 or 4 times over 20 - 30 minutes.

TIP: Condition your hands during your mask.

Rub the mask into your hands and let it soak in! Your hands might feel a bit sticky as it soaks in and feel a bit tacky.

I often “rinse” my palms and try to leave the mask on the backs of them.

Removing the mask

No rinse technique

If you are doing your mask before bed, and if your skin is not sensitive or easily irritated, or not currently experiencing active acne outbreaks you get extra deep conditioning and hydration with this approach.

You will not be rinsing the mask off with water. This allows some of the mask to remain on the skin for additional conditioning. Your skin will feel a bit tacky when you are done. If this doesn’t appeal to you or you are inflamed, scroll down for the the rinse off steps.

  • Spritz VERY WELL with the hydrosol, 8-10 pumps or so.

  • With a damp paper towel or damp soft cloth very gently wipe away the mask. Spritz again and wipe a little more.

  • Spritz a little more hydrosol, apply Dew Drops and a few drops of facial oils. Massage to blend, allow to air dry.

Removing the mask


If you have sensitive, irritated skin, currently experiencing acne outbreaks including cyst acne etc you will want to rinse very well. and consider the PH OF YOUR WATER.

To be on the safe side, consider a final rinse with bottled distilled water. Always follow up by patting dry, and spritzing well with the hydrosol and applying either Dew Drops or lotion.

  • RINSE WELL with warm or cool water, NEVER hot. Very gently blot with the wet cloth, splash repeatedly until you feel it is all removed. If you are using bottle distilled water use it at room temperature. The mask will come of easily, you really don’t need warm water to remove it.

  • Cleanse a second time with raw honey. Apply a small amount of honey on warm wet skin and gently scrub like you would with any cleanser. Rinse well.

  • Pat dry. Spritz with hydrosol to tone, allow to dry for a minute, then follow up with a light application Dew Drops or lotion, and apply a few drops of a facial oil and massage or pat a bit more and let it all dry. Or to achieve a light moisturizing effect with just facial oils, spritz, massage in some oils, allow to air dry.

  • if you are currently breaking out use only 1 or 2 drops of oil or none at all - how much oils might exacerbate bacterial outbreaks is different for everyone.



If you are experiencing active acne or eczema you should take great care to not over do it! I would recommend doing ONE full face mask per day.

If your are working on re-hydrating your skin and it is not breaking out, easily irritated or your eczema is mild to moderate, you can use the humectant rich mask as a spot treatment to increase hydration and to provide more healing & soothing compounds to help relive dry, flaky, itchy skin. Everyone is different so if you experience irritation then proceed with caution.

To use as a spot treatment, you follow all the same steps as for the full face mask but just in targeted areas.

If you are very inflamed or easily irritated try a cool/warm herbal tea compresses to calm and soothe inflammation, and ice on painful eruptions. To make a tea compress, just make some tea with tea bags and after the tea has cooled off - apply the soaked tea bag to inflamed areas. Chamomile and green tea are good choices, but there are many, many herbs you can use for compresses to target different conditions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

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