If you don't get good results with Bug Ban, I'll refund your money! 

It's only happened a couple of times in 3 years so I always put that out there.  There are some factors that do contribute to someone feeling as if every mosquito in a five mile radius is zeroing in on you.  If you have tried everything else, well. why not give it a try.  It will work great for just about everyone else. So just give it away to one of them and get in touch with me.  

There a number of essential oils which are very effective at repelling biting bugs. I put just about every one of them in this bottle carried in a base of liquid coconut oil.  ZERO DEET OR OTHER SYNTHETIC REPELANTS

and by the way, it smells nice too!

CAMP SOAP is my liquid hemp and olive oil castile soap then diluted with steam distilled water in a handy foaming dispenser.

Enhanced with Citrus essential oils. It's a gentle and effective soap for all camping chores and personal hygiene (and skunky dogs!)

I include on the label how to use it when camping, along with suggestions on how to care for our rivers and streams in general.

It's septic safe, great for RVs. and when camping season is over set it next to the kitchen sink or in the bathroom and finish it up. The citrus aroma fades a little over time so use it up in a year to get the most enjoyment from it.