I love doing my thing up here in the mountains ... wandering the forest collecting my herbs for infusions, coming up with new ways to share the wild forest. and forging relationships between people and the wild world. It's my passion. 

I hope you will join me on this journey!  At the bottom of the page you can leave me suggestions too, let me know if there is something you would like me to create.  Enjoy! 


GRIT BAR is an exfoliating lotion bar to remove dead, flaky, dry skin from hands and body while IN THE SHOWER, or at the sink after you wash your hands!  You scrub with it like you would a bar of soap, rinse and pat dry. The warm water starts to melt the butters as you scrub, leaving you super duper dewy soft. Massage under running water to remove.  My new favorite and the perfect rescue remedy for dry flaky skin. Great for those with keratosis pilaris.  For more details click on the image.


My new Aloe ladened formula is now stocking the shelves in my boutique. I made it even better than before, with quicker rinsing and the same silky, smooth glide.   For more details click on the image.



100% PURE HYDROSOL WATER BLEND: A blend of pure plant steam distillates (all organic) of the following: You know I love nourishing traditions! So when I spritz my face with my Hydrosol water blend of Rose, Plantain, Helichyrsum, and Witch Hazel, I know I'm not just nourishing my skin with pure, plant quintessence, I'm participating in an ancient healing ritual.).  For more details click on the image.


BY POPULAR DEMAND! I have been asked to offer just my essential blends for sale. So I created these natural "perfumes" with some of my favorite blends I have created. These are an alternative to synthetic chemical perfumes: better for you, better for the environment. They provide a lovely aroma which slowly fades. I have launched this new line with Alpenglow and Wildforest. For a complete description click on the image. 

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