For those of us seeking out natural products you may find it interesting to learn what REAL soap is, the history of how it was discovered and made, how it's made today, and how people cleaned in the past.  You might also like to know that carefully crafted old fashioned, all natural, REAL soap can be both skin cleansing, and conditioning. REAL soap can be a either a liquid or a hard bar and are today commonly referred to as Castile soap. 

Dispelling some enduring myths about "lye soap" - the scary sounding term we use today for our REAL soap, will ensure we are knowledgeable consumers. Learning how to read the ingredient label will inform us how to distinguish the REAL soap made from fats and oils, from Syn-Dets, made from synthetic detergents. The front of the label may say "SOAP" but it might not be soap at all.