The use of distilled water for face washing is for everyone at any stage of life or skin condition to help eliminate a little recognized factor which impacts skin health over time.

The first thing I suggest for anyone who is in an inflamed state for any reason - is to use bottled distilled water, or use reverse osmosis water, for washing your face and to rinse with it whenever your face comes in contact with tap water.

Briefly, if you tap water has a pH above 7 is is considered hard. I encourage everyone to test their water with a test kit like this or this.

It is imperative when skin is inflamed to maintain the skins optimal, slightly acidic, skin ph of 4.5-5 as much as possible. When skin is constantly exposed to alkaline tap water (daily bathing and/or face washing) it will become less resilient over time - this will affect people differently, but will, over time, reducing the skin’s ability to perform optimally and tolerance for irritation. Our skin also naturally becomes more alkaline as we age, further impairing it’s ability to stay healthy, strong and resilient! Double Whammy!

The first signs of irritation caused by, or made worse, by hard water include dryness, itch, irritation, sensitives, rosacea and eczema! Symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis! Just from long term bathing alkaline water - and I haven’t even touched on the impact of dissolved minerals on our skin.

  • Keep a bottle of distilled tap water under the sink.

  • Before using it for the first time open the bottle and let it breath for about 30 minutes - during this time the water will naturally become slightly acidic! Like magic.

  • Pour some water in a bowl and use it for washing - room temperature is perfect!

  • Avoid very warm or hot water during acute phases of skin issues.

  • After showering I suggest you splash, rinse and wipe well before patting dry and then spritzing with a pure steam distilled Hydrosol Water - these are slightly acidic by nature and are the perfect toners. Then apply a slightly acidic hydrating moisture lotion (I love my Dew Drops!), For additional toning, conditioning and nourishment.

  • Apply some facial oils here or here on top of the Dew Drops for extra skin love, healing and nourishment.


There is a lot of technical reasons why I’ll suggest that you use only slightly acidic washes to cleanse facial skin when it is inflamed and not using any kind of soap at all. This applies to my handmade olive oil, super fatted soaps - they are after all - soap, and the nature of soap is be alkaline - and we need to keep the skin at a slightly acidic ph at all times during the healing phase.

  1. Wash your face with just plain distilled water and a soft cotton wash cloth.

  2. Try to give skin room to breath, so foregoing sunscreen and makeup will help - a lot.

  3. Removing makeup and sunscreen - this can be tricky - depending on what your situation is. My go-to (acenic skin) is a gentle wash with my Powdered Foaming Charcoal Cleansers mixed with raw organic honey and a single cleansing oil (hempseed, grapeseed, apricot seed, rosehip seed oil).

  4. Optionally you can do a second cleanse with just the raw honey.


There are very specific steps one should take to get the best results with any 100% oil blend for faces (Facial Oils). Hint: Facial oils needs to apply to damp or wet skin for best results .... 


Tips to getting good results with my preservative and emulsifier free blend of botanicals and mild foaming cleanser. 

Customize your mix to suit your skin type and climate.