I am busy collecting, and carefully infusing locally cottonwood buds in raw honey from Paonia to the deafening cacophony of noisy Redwing Blackbirds.


LIMITED QUANTITIES, SEASONAL. The taste is sort of warm and a bit spicy, it blends great with chai/indian spices and I love it with vanilla and cinnamon.

I collect small amounts of cottonwood buds in the winter and early spring from trees surrounding my home in rural Gunnison County on the western slope of Colorado and immediately infuse them in local raw honey from Austin Family Farms in Paonia, Colorado. If you are in CB, stop by the T-Bar on Elk Ave, tastes are free! And you can purchase glass jars in a few sizes, and a teaspoon or 2 for your hot drink.  

Cottonwood buds are amazing herbal medicine with a very long history of use to treat a wide variety of ailments! But I am not making any health claims. That said, I have about 1 spoonful every day as a whole food dose of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory READ MORE

These are fresh buds - NOT DRIED!  They are VERY time consuming to collect these sticky beauties. Very limited supplies. 

Gunnison county has ZERO agriculture, Crested Butte is situated in a unique high alpine location with ZERO contamination from industrial farming. We are also blessed with excellent air and water quality. Our town is situated inside of Gunnison National Forest Lands where I have permits to collect forest plant material. 

The honey comes from Tim and his family at Austin Family Farms on the western slope of Colorado, about 70 miles as the crow flies from Crested Butte and accessible in the summer via a gravel mountain pass www.austinfamilyfarm.com

This honey if for culinary purposes. Don't eat or touch this honey if you are allergic to Aspirin or if you are pregnant.