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5 STARS:"I am so very pleased with the products I purchased. I love the all natural shampoo for my precious Poodle Piper. Here in Chicago, the Paw Bliss will ensure she has soft paws throughout our harsh winters. Also she runs on limestone at our local dog park, which is rough on her paw pads. Paw Bliss will help protect them from the rough gravel. The soaps are for me! I love the scents because they are not overwhelming. They are very fresh, and I especially love the ylang ylang & orange. I would definitely recommend all of these products. They are wonderful." Carol Marusarz, Naperville, IL

5 STARS:"We live in Austin, TX., where it's moist & humid. When I'm there, I really don't need hand moisturizer, as I have naturally oily skin. But when we go to Colorado, it's a different story--my hands get so dry they crack. I discovered the Body Bliss-Butter Creme at the Crested Butte Farmer's Market, and oh my, what a difference! Most lotions, I hate to use, because they make my skin feel super greasy and then they just wash right off. The Butter Creme is the only lotion I've tried that soaks in. It's not greasy, just very hydrating and oh so yummy. It's so great, I now use it in Austin too, to keep my hands super soft and also for my heels. It's better than anything commercial I've used. My son, who goes to school in Western Mass. and has used many types of lotions and cremes, loves the Butter Creme too. It's an amazing product!! I gave it as presents to friends for Christmas, & everyone loved it." Lynn Rupp, Austin Texas

5 STARS:"We took Dish Bliss along on a five-week camping trip in Utah and Arizona. This was the only soap we took and we used it for everything--hand-washing, dishes, even hair. It performed all these jobs well and with such a nice scent. My favorite was hair-washing! I have coarse, dry hair and this soap was so gentle the result was softer hair than with my regular shampoo. We also have the foaming hand soap and now that we're home we're liking that as well - foams beautifully and a little goes a long way. After the trip, I also ordered the shampoo thinking that I probably really should wash my hair with the actual hair product. It's just as good, but to keep life simple when traveling, I'm still just taking Dish Bliss. :-)   Kathy Claybaugh, Boise Idaho.

5 STARS: We bought a large amount of items! The entire time, Valerie has been wonderful. She had fantastic customer service, worked quickly and was a pleasure to work with. We had a large order of her items to sell in our store in Longmont, and know they will do fantastic there. We look forward to continuing to work with Colorado Real Soap". Elizabeth at Simply5280 in Denver

5 STARS: "Dish Bliss and Hand Bliss are my favorites with the Golden color and citrus smell. I also like the fact that hand bliss has a foamer. The package arrived as promised with items carefully packed. I will definitely order from Colorado Real Soap Co again"   Kathel Hastings, Boise Idaho.

5 STARS:  "I was so excited to give this dish soap a try but I hate doing dishes. I have been using it for about a week now and LOVE it. Every time I soap up the sponge I take a deep breath and say mmmmm that smells so good! The consistency is much different from the commercial brands I was using, it's more fluid but it gives a nice amount of foamy suds and rinses nice and clean. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other products"  Tammy Avella, Florida

5 STARS: "I have always made my own dish washing liquid and laundry soap....sometimes life gets hectic and I don't have time to make it..I am thrilled to have found products that I can rely on and trust. Thanks Colorado REAL SOAP Company!!"   Francie Ivy, Gunnison Colorado

5 STARS: "Val's soap is probably the most conscious--environmentally and health-wise out there! The scents are high-quality and truly heavenly. I love hand washing my dishes with the citrus dish soap because it cleans well and is so gentle on the hands. It's great for sensitive skin because it has no SLS!"   Bailey Hoiser, Crested Butte Colorado

5 STARS: "So far I've used Dish Bliss and the laundry soap and the Milk Bath - I love everything! The dish soap has a wonderful scent and a tiny little bit goes a long way! I wash my kefir jars and the dishes I roast bones in and even without the fake lather conventional soaps have, this soap can tackle anything! My skin loved the milk bath, and the laundry soap (and Val's vinegar trick) leave my clothes so clean without a horrible fake flower smell or chemical residue. The scented versions all contain very high quality essential oils, so I don't have the horrible reaction I usually have to conventional scents. These products are worth every penny! Thanks so much for developing a truly natural, healthy and effective product line!" Heidi Benson, Gunnison Colorado

5 STARS: "The concept of foam instead of liquid is brilliant!! I am enjoying using the hand and dish soap!! I was already in love with essential oils and to have them in your soaps helps create an exceptional experience!!  Beautifully crafted; the foam is a brilliant concept!! I was able to control exactly how much soap I used; one, two or three pushes on the dispenser and still did not use as much as I would have using a squirt bottle!!! And it smells so good!! I love essential oils and these soaps oils fulfill their purpose!! For life I will use these soaps!!!"  Ron Edwards, Crested Butte Colorado

5 STARS: "Wow wow wow wow!!! Buddy Bliss Dog Wash is the BEST ever (I even used it on my own hair)!!! I've used many dog wash/shampoos & this is AMAZING!!!! Scent is spectacular! Just finished bathing my 2 equines....they glisten!!"   Lynnie Goodman, Houston Texas

5 STARS: "I use this while washing dogs at Hair of the Dawg daily, and on top of making dogs smell fresh, and look clean, it keeps my hands from getting dry like other products we have used. Thank you for providing a great local product!"  Jenny Mapstone, Hari of Dawg Gunnison, Colorado

5 STARS: "This is my first experience with natural soap and I was very impressed. The Dish Bliss was more than i expected!! I LOVE the citrus oil fragrance. The texture feels different to regular soaps because it is more liquid and less bubbly but it really does the job!!!"  Laura Elena Gutiérrez Antillano, Crested Butte Colorado   

5 STARS: "I tried the Colorado Real Soap Shampoo and I thought it was great! The scent is wonderful and it left my hair feeling clean with out any unnecessary additives. I also like that it's all-natural and good for the environment."  Anthony Perez, Crested Butte Colorado

5 STARS: "The Dish Bliss - OMG really is Bliss! I received my package quickly and could not wait to use it. Not only does it smell great (my husband even commented on it without knowing I was using something new) but it works great as well. I am completely sold on this product :)"  Tracey Zigler, Hollywood Florida

5 STARS: "A few weeks ago I received my order of Dish Bliss - OMG, Castile Hand Soap, Laundry Bliss and Dish Washer Bliss. I am thrilled with all of the products! I also like how Val (owner) sends instructions on cleaning your dishwasher and washing maching to maximize results. My sister-in-law liked the hand soap so much when she was visiting that she made an order herself for multiple products. Great smelling, works perfectly, and good for the environment, what more can one ask for?"   Tracey Zigler, Hollywood Florida

5 STARS: "KUDOS to the amazing artisan woman spreading the love of non- chemical fragrant soaps equipped with essential oils around this valley. My Dish Bliss has been incredible! From small jobs to greasy, grimy, cast iron skillets to a sink full of dishes, it can truly tackle any job. AND….I have been a faithful Dr. Bronner's buyer UNTIL NOW! Love the way the essential oils treat my mane in all of the right ways! Oil Free, Fragrant Free, and healthy knocking right at my shower door! Can’t wait to try the hand soap & laundry detergent!"   Gabby Michna, Gunnison Colorado

5 STARS: "I love all of the scents! They are fresh, natural and not overpowering. I have tried the Body Bliss Butter creme, mineral immersion, and both the bar soap and castile liquid soap so far. I was worried about the scented products because my skin tends to be very sensitive, but I have had no problems. The butter creme soaks in to the skin and is not greasy. The products are all gentle and moisturizing. I will buy again!" Teresa Blank, West Jefferson N.C.