Care for the Acid Mantle of our skin is of the utmost importance when it comes to long term health of our skin organ. The Acid Mantle is also called the Moisture Barrier; a thin microfilm which covers your entire body.

The Acid Mantle performs many vital functions.

Very few people are aware of how easy it is to impair the Acid Mantle.

Our lifestyles and routines are very out of sync with the needs of our bodies largest organ.

There are simple things you can do to support the healthy long term functioning of this vital organ.



safely and effectively with a mild solution of

H2O + APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (any culinary vinegar is suitable)



There is a fine microfilm on the very surface of our skin. This vital barrier is created by the skin and can not be reproduced. It only can perform it's function optimally when the skin is slightly acidic.

When it's damaged or impaired the first signs is likely to be dry, itchy skin and developing eczema, even acne.


TO BATH WATER: add 1 -2 cups vinegar to warm bath water, enter the bath clean (shower before the bath) then pat dry after soaking for 20 minutes. Apply oils and/or lotion.

END OF SHOWER: in an 8 oz water bottle with a squirt top, pour off 1-2 T and replace with ACV. At the end of the shower, squirt the entire contents over hair and body. Do not rinse, pat dry and apply body oil and/or lotion.


Any culinary vinegar serves the purpose. The aroma of the vinegar will subside pretty quick but some people are very put off by that smell. Rice wine vinegar has a more mild scent and works well.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar has other benefits for the skin so if you’re not offended by the smell of it on your skin for a little while, it is a great choice for this purpose.


To keep water sanitary and not cause infectious diseases, it must be treated. The chemicals used can and do wreck havoc on our skin.

There is no time more important than after your skin is exposed to chemically treated pool & tub water to adhere to the practice of acidifying the skin.

Even those with happy skin will benefit - it will help it stay that way.