In order to achieve the best results possible from your lovely facial oils there's one simple step to be sure not to skip.

Dehydrated skin or Dry Skin? What is the difference and how does it inform your choice of “moisturizer”? Acute dry skin can be caused by a long list of factors; the time and season of the year, over exfoliation, drying products (benzoyl peroxide, clay masks) age and even your sex, diet, genetics, skin type, skincare routine, air travel, just to name a few.

Accurately determining the root cause of your situation is key to choosing the right product to support normal health skin, or to bring relief and healing to damaged skin.

Our skin requires both Oil AND Water to stay happy and plump. When skin is lacking either the outward appearance can be very similar: dull, rough, irritated, redness, you may even have exacerbated acne issues, clogged pores and bumps! Once you have a better understanding of your skin issue - knowing what to reach for is critical to addressing the problem.

If your usually happy skin is not overly dry then the use of Facial oils, applied to damp skin, is an effective, nourishing way to condition and provide a light moisturizing effect. BUT … If you have very dry skin or experiencing an ACUTE spell of dry, irritated skin I suggest that your first read my post Are seed oils moisturizing? A cautionary tale”. This post will help determine which approach is best for you right now.

What do we mean by "moisture"?

First off, oils in and of themselves do not provide our skin with any moisture at all! Oils do many other important tasks but they do not provide moisture.  

When we say moisture what we are really saying is "WATER"! So if we want to moisturize our skin at the same time we are providing nourishment with our facial oils, then we have to manually add the water component ourselves.


Adding moisture before applying facial oils will benefit all skin types. This technique is especially beneficial for more mature skin. As we age our skin becomes less able to absorb oils and they tend to sit on the skin and feeling too greasy

Oils applied with moisture (water, aloe juice, toner) softens the skin and acts as a “carrier” , improving the skins ability to absorb emollient facial oils and then sealing in that moisture for a period of time.



Simply dampen your skin, then immediately apply 2-5 drops of facial oils to your fingertips, blending the oil and water while gently massaging into your skin.

Now allow time for it to all soak in. About 10 minutes. 

By allowing your skin to air dry you seal in the water, helping your skin retain moisture.  

This is a vital step in getting good oil penetration. Your skin will feel dewy soft, not greasy, within a few minutes. 

NATURE's PERFECT TONER: STEam distilled hydrosol water. 

I suggest that instead of plain water, dampen your skin with something with a beneficial Ph. There are many reasons to choose Hydrosols over toners. 

We are all familiar with toners. The single most important aspect of the toning step is to adjust the Ph of the skin. Most toners contain denatured alcohol, but anything preserved with ethanol alcohol (vodka) or grain alcohol can cause irritation and dryness. 


Tap water isn't a good choice either.

0ver 80% of the tap water in the US is considered "hard". Water which has a lot of dissolved metals and minerals in it is referred to as "hard water".  We are bathing in it, drinking it and washing our clothes with in. 

Hard water has a basic pH and it isn't great at rinsing so it leaves residue behind, in your laundry ... and on you skin.

And this can spell trouble.


Pure Plant Hydrosol waters are the perfect choice for your water component. By themselves are are extremely gentle and mild, safe enough even for babies. They are very nourishing, containing hundreds of medicinal plant compounds including essential oils in very small amounts, making them very unlikely to cause skin irritation.  

Hydrosols neutral to slightly acidic Ph matches our skin’s desired, slightly acidic pH. They won't disrupt or alter the vital functions of the Acid Mantle, that thin layer on the surface of our skin. In fact, hydrosols nourishes, restores, and conditions the Acid Mantle. 

Hydrosols also contain carboxylic acids, which may explain their observed anti-inflammatory activity making them a good choice for relieving pain, redness and itch for those with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, etc. Click on this image of Hydrosol Water to learn more about the benefits of steam plant distallates.


Planning on being home on a cloudy day? Take your face to the spa without leaving the house. Spritz your face with hydrosol water and apply your oils, allow to air dry. Do it again and again during the day! Your skin will love you for it.

Hyaluronic Acid: H.A.

If you have very dry skin that just really has a tough time holding in moisture, or if you want to help plump up your skin so that it feels smoother to the touch (and help minimize fine lines) I suggest a high quality Hyaluronic Acid serum be applied prior to your facial oils.

Apply the HA serum to skin dampened with Hydrosol waters for added hydration and beneficial plant compounds. Then apply your facial oils. Click on the image of Dew Drops to learn about my botanical H.A. lotion ...


Tightness is a sign of dryness. After your skin has dried completely after the first application of oils to wet skin, about 15-20 minutes your skin may feel tight.  Simply re-moisten your skin and apply a few more drops of oils, massage, again allow to air dry. Most people find that 2 applications is all they need to relieve the dryness and that over time, as your skin heals, you won't need the second application. Your skin will feel dewy and moist long afterwards. 

With the regular application of oils massaged into wet skin, over a period of time, for some that means 1 - 2 months depending on many factors, you will find that your skin has become more supple and better able to retain moisture. The second application of oils may no longer be needed. 

If you were very generous with the oils, you may feel a bit oily after it has a chance to dry completely and absorb. In the morning if I over do it with the oils, I just spritz more hydrosol water and massage, allow to air dry. This seems to wash away a bit of the oil and usually solves the problem. When this happens at night I just don't worry about it, I let it all soak in and go to bed.

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