I strongly recommend using OIL to create your foaming cleanser for just about everyone with a few exceptions.

If you live in a very humid climate and have very oily skin, then mixing with water is an option.

For everyone else, please mix with oil to create your cleanser - this will minimizes any drying effects associated with foaming cleaners.

I created this powdered, foaming, exfoliating scrub to provide you with a gentle cleansers free of preservatives and emulsifiers, packed with nourishing botanics to suit all skin types.  

I recommend cleansing with oils and OCM Perfect Scrub on most days and using this foaming cleansers a few times a week.

Make just enough mixture to use within 1 week.

Clean the small jar well and dry well before making up a new batch. 

Keep the powder away from moisture: it is important not to allow any moisture to contaminate the bottle of cleansing powder.

WHAT OIL TO USE? Choose from a wide variety of oils to make your mixture available in all health food stores in the skin care aisle. Single oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil are all good choices.

I do not recommend mixing with LIQUID COCONUT OIL - coconut oil can clog pores and is a very drying oil.  

Or .. can I encourage you to choose one of my special Cleansing Oil Blends for additional plant nutrients and aroma. 


  • In the lidded jar I send along with your bottle of cleansing grains, fill about 1/2 way (a tablespoon or so) with powder. Leaving enough room in the jar to mix without spilling any.

  • Add enough oil to create a slurry the consistency of ketchup. Blend with a clean finger or other tool. Exact ratios are not critical - just make sure the mixture is just thin enough to barely pour, like ketchup. The mixture will set up a little over 24 hours this is fine. 

  • Scoop a small amount of the mixture into your palm.

  • Rub your hands together, hit the stream of water - keep rubbing your hands together and adding a little water at a time to create a creamy lather and a little bubble.    

  • Gently scrub your face and neck. Taking special care to scrub the sides of your face close to your hairline.  

  • Rinse VERY thoroughly with quite warm water (never steaming). Use a wet cloth to finish wiping away remaining cleanser residue. Finish with a few splashes of water for a final rinse. 

  • TONING: Toners restore your slightly acidic skin pH. Hydrosol water is nature's perfect toner. Most toners have denatured alcohol in them I strongly suggest you avoid these and consider using a pure, steam distilled hydrosol to tone.  

    • IN THE MORNING: Spritz toner and immediately apply facial oils or Dew Drops. Allow to air dry. Most days I prefer just the Dew Drops in the mornings as the skin feel is lovely. Wait for it to dry, then apply makeup/sunscreen, 

    • AT NIGHT:  Once or twice a week I suggest following your cleansing routine with Perfection Scrub as a leave on treatment.  On the nights you don't, Spritz with toner and immediately apply the Dew Drops then a few drops of a facial oil blends for more skin love, massage it all in, then let it air dry. 

MIXING WITH WATER: I only recommend this method for those with very oily skin living in humid climates. 

Consumers like me and you are demanding preservative free products, but we must become educated on how to participate in this quest.

The most important thing to remember when you use just water to make you mixture is to use all of it up in a week or less. Discard any remaining in the jar after one week. Clean and dry the mixing container very well. The better approach is to mix it with water right in the palm of your hand. Most of us are unaware of the fact that just plain tap water provides the perfect medium in which bacteria can grow. In fact, water contamination of products is why most skin and hair care products are "over" preserved - to account for the end user getting water into a product either by dipping wet fingers into jars, or from droplets falling in from the shower or faucet.