Perfection Scrub for Faces is part of the Oil Cleansing Method.

Here I go into detail about how to use it as an exfoliating scrub and as a non-exfoliating cleansing balm.

I hope you will try also using it my favorite way, as a leave on treatment

LEARN WHY SALT IS SO AMAZING FOR YOUR SKIN .. Those seeking a way to support Acne prone skin, or eczema, and those with dry skin or mature skin might consider including sea salt into their skin care routine …

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture the surrounding environment. By leaving it on the skin for some time, osmosis occurs; drawing moisture and nutrients to the surface of the skin, helping plump and nourish skin cells. Scroll down for more!

If you have very sensitive skin, outbreaks, or small wounds from acne you might experience some sting when you start using the salt scrub. Performing a patch test to determine sensitivities is a good idea if you have concerns about using a salt scrub. HOW TO DO THAT. Scroll down for more information.

2 ways to use as a scrub:

1. with Exfoliation

Apply a small amount of scrub to DAMP skin. Splash very warm (never hot) water, Pat a little of the moisture off and apply a small amount of scrub with your fingers.   

If your skin is completely dry the level of abrasion will be too much and I do not recommend this. If your skin is too wet, then the salt and sugar will melt too quickly and you won't get a satisfying scrub action.  It won't take long to figure out the balance which works for you. 

Gently exfoliate your face and neck. As you are gently scrubbing, the salts and sugar will melt and the scrubbing action will diminish. (scroll down to learn how to remove)

2. without exfoliation

I like to use my Perfection Scrub just about everyday - If I don’t want to exfoliate that day I’ll scoop a little out into my warm, wet hands and rub them together briskly until all the salts and sugar dissolve and the water is emulsified into the butters and oils.

Then apply to dry skin and massage for a few moments.

Removing ….

With both of the above methods, when you're done, splash with very warm but never HOT water then use a wet wash cloth to gently remove excess. 

After you pat dry you’ll feel dewy soft and a little emollient.

With OCM oil based cleansing products we are not trying to wash away every last molecule of oil.  After a few swipes of the washcloth and some splashing your face with the warm water ... You're done.

Follow up with a mild, alcohol free toner, or Hydrosol water. Then apply a lotion, Dew Drops or facial oils.


One of my favorite nourishing traditions is called THALASSOTHERAPY; The medical use of seawater for supporting strong, healthy, resilient skin.

The word comes from the Greek word "thalassa" meaning "sea".  

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture from the air and by leaving it on the skin for some time, osmosis occurs. The minerals in salt help draw moisture and nutrients to the surface of the skin, helping plump up and nourish skin cells.

Perfection scrub benefits those with acne (also by the process of Osmosis) helping speed the healing of outbreaks and reducing the number of acne causing bacteria on the skin.

Scroll to the bottom of this tutorial to see the list of salt's benefits for the skin  


  • Apply a very tiny bit of scrub to warm, wet palms.   

  • Rub your hands together briskly to dissolve the salt.

  • Gently massage it into wet skin on face and neck

  • I usually pat my hands dry afterwards and then go back to massaging the salty scrub into my skin for another few moments.

  • Let it all air dry. Wait 30 minutes to an hour before removing … OR ..

  • leave it on overnight. This is my favorite way to use my scrub and I do this almost every night. It keeps congested from developing in the areas where I still get occasional outbreaks and provides deep hydration.

  • I also apply Dew Drops after 15-20 minutes.

  • If you plan on leaving the treatment on overnight, apply about an hour or so before, this will give everything time to soak in. 

  • In the morning, I suggest using honey to freshen and acidify then follow up with a few spritzes of hydrosol, facial oils, or Dew Drops. I prefer to just use the Dew Drops in the morning and applying my sunscreen while the Dew Drops is still tacky.  


If you find significant stinging when first using the salt scrub, I suggest waiting until that resolves before using the scrub as a leave on treatment. Once your skin heals you should not have a stinging sensation anymore. 

Performing a patch test to determine sensitivities is a good idea if you have concerns about using a salt scrub. HOW TO DO THAT

If you have very sensitive skin, outbreaks, or small wounds from acne you might experience stinging when you start using the salt scrub. 

The sting is a sign that you have small wounds.  It will take 1 - 2 months for the skin to heal and strengthen.     


A complete turnover of the skin cells takes about 20-40 days! The younger you are the faster your skin completes a turnover. As we age this process slows. We can not determine the efficacy of any change in the care routine until this process is complete. Most of us want immediate results, and some results from the Oil Cleansing Method will manifest very quickly, even just a day or 2! But the long term healing and restoration of the skin biome will take longer. If you stick with it, you will get long term benefits.


  • Salt increases circulation on the surface of the skin improving cell regeneration, salt helps open pores, enhance blood flow, and improve the absorption of moisturizers and conditioning oils.

  • Salt absorbs acne causing bacteria and microbes which cause eczema, acne and Rosacea.

  • Salt encourages healing of wounds and skin infections.

  • Salt is ant-inflammatory - helping reduce redness and itching.

  • Helps regulate skin oil & sebum production, reducing clogged pores and the occurrence of outbreaks.

  • Considered to be a natural moisturizer, helping balance and increase hydration.

  • Strengthens the epidermis and increases cellular communications signals which slows as we age.

  • Improves the skins complexion by reducing redness and roughness.

  • Through osmosis, minerals in salt helps draw moisture and nutrients to the surface of the skin, helping plump up skin cells.

  • Cellular metabolism (converting nutrients into energy) declines as we age, salt increases skin's cellular metabolism.

  • Saltwater is slightly acidic, closely matching the skin's desired pH.