Strong, resilient skin benefits from being gently exfoliated a few times per week.

Some moisture is needed to safely use this scrub without irritation. 

Apply a small amount of scrub to DAMP skin. Splash very warm (never hot) water on your face a few times to soften  the skin.  

Pat a little of the moisture off.   If your skin is completely dry the level of abrasion will be too much and I do not recommend this. If your skin is too wet, then the salt and sugar will melt too quickly and you won't get a satisfying scrub action.  It won't take long to figure out what works for you. 

Gently exfoliate your face and neck, avoid your eyes. If you get it in your eyes, flush with cool water.  As you are gently scrubbing, the salts and sugar are melting and scrubbing action will diminish.

When you're done, splash with very warm but never HOT water. Use a soft, cotton cloth to gently remove the residue.  Remember with oil based cleansing products we are not trying to rinse or wipe away every last molecule of oil.  After a few swipes of the cloth and some splashing your face with the warm water. You are done.

Pat dry and spritz with a slightly acidic toner or hydrosol water to quickly restore the skins Ph (tap water is hard, so anytime you splash your face or bath you might want to consider this practice). 



    One of my favorite nourishing traditions is THALASSOTHERAPY; The medical use of seawater for supporting strong, healthy, resilient skin.

    The word comes from the Greek word "thalassa" meaning "sea".  

    Salt is hydroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture from the air, by leaving it on the skin for some time, you are providing long lasting salt therapy for your skin to thrive


    You can use after your cleanse, or as a cleanser on it's own. 

    Apply a very tiny bit of scrub to wet palms. I like to spritz some hydrosol water on my face for some extra moisture and additional plant nutrients.  

    Rub it in your hands to melt the salt.

    Once the salts have melted in the oils and butters, gently massage it into face and neck

    Avoid getting the scrub in your eyes. Flush with cool water if that happens.

    If you plan on leaving the treatment on overnight, I suggest that you apply about an hour or so before  you got to bed, this will give everything time to soak in.

    To remove, splash with warm water, wipe with a warm soft wet cloth. Pat dry.

    Follow with a few spritzes of hydrosol to quickly store the skin's ph. 



    If you find significant stinging when first using the salt scrub, I suggest waiting until that resolves before using the scrub as a leave on treatment. Once your skin heals you should not have a stinging sensation anymore. 

    Performing a patch test to determine sensitivities is a good idea if you have concerns about using a salt scrub. HOW TO DO THAT

    If you have very sensitive skin, outbreaks, or small wounds from acne you might experience stinging when you start using the salt scrub. 

    The sting is a sign that you have small wounds that need to heal.  The salt scrub, seed oils & butters, combined with the use of regular oil cleansing, for about a month will allow the skin time to heal and strengthen.     


    A complete turnover of the skin cells takes about 20-40 days! The younger you are the faster your skin completes a turnover. As we age this process slows. We can not determine the efficacy of any change in the care routine until this process is complete. Most of us want immediate results, and some results from the Oil Cleansing Method will manifest very quickly, even just a day or 2! But the long term healing and restoration of the skin biome will take longer. If you stick with it, you will get long term benefits.