UPDATE 3/9/2018: I am rewriting my introduction to Oil Cleansing ... Stay tuned. Expect this to be complete by 3/12/2018.

Way back in history, before soap, we used oils to cleanse our skin! Because oil easily penetrates into your pores and dissolves the oils there. Then, when you rinse with warm water and wipe away the cleansing oil you applied, you are also lifting away the all the dirt and grime which has accumulated there as well!   Eventually it was discovered by a clever someone, that if you add a lye solution to the oils, stir, VOILA .... SOAP!

The ancient method of Oil Cleansing is gaining in popularity again today as more and more people seek simple solutions to everyday needs.  

Oil cleansing resonates with me personally and fits snuggly into my love of rediscovering traditional practical approaches to achieving improved health and well being.  

Oil cleansing is beneficial for all skin types and is especially beneficial for those with mature skin, dry skin, living in dry climates, and those who experience occasional outbreaks or clogged pores. People with these skin types report a reduction in these occurrences, smaller less painful, inflamed pimples when they do erupt and quicker to heal. They also report that their skin is more supple and better able to retain moisture, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

If you have severe acne you need to proceed with caution. If your condition worsens when starting oil cleansing this is a sign that you need to evaluate the oils used and the method of cleansing.  Don't give up! It's worth the effort. 

Here are some of my blog posts were I discuss various aspects of MY Oil Cleansing Method.