In order to acheive the best results possible from your facial oils there are few things we need to understand about how oils work for our skin

First off, oils in and of themselves do not provide moisture to the skin. Oils do many other important tasks but they do not provide moisture.  

What do we mean by "moisture"?

When we say moisture what we are really saying is "WATER"!  So if we want to moisturize our skin at the same time we are providing nourishment with the oils, then we have to manually add the water component ourselves.

An emulsified lotion is a blend of oils and water, held together with something, that something is emulsifying wax. These provide a quick shot of moisture but in the long run, our facial skin will have a better chance of normalizing by avoiding these products on our face. 

This is very easy to accomplish - simply splash your face with warm water to soften the skin, then while your skin is still WET, apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and gently massage. Allow your skin to AIR DRY - do not pat dry.

By allowing your skin to air dry the oils will seal in the water and provide long term moisture retention.  You can, instead of plain water, use a nourishing toner, facial spritz or hydrosol water. 

As we age our skin becomes less able to absorb the richer, thicker emollient oils which bring the most benefits to to our facial oils.

Wet skin greatly enhances the skin's ability to absorb the oils and reduces the oily residue once it has completely dried. Oils applied to damp/wet skin helps achieve dewy soft skin. 

TIP:  If you decide to forgo traditional moisturizers with emulsifying waxes, you may find that your skin needs to time to adjust to the use of facial oils (about a month).  Those with dry skin should  do 2 applications of facial oils during this period.

After your skin has dried completely after the first application of oils to wet skin, about 15-20 minutes you skin may feels tight.  Simply splash more warm water on your face, pat a little off, and apply another few drops oils, massage into the skin, and again allow to air dry. Most people find that 2 applications is all they need to relieve the dryness.

TIP: If you feel an oily residue left on your skin after it has a chance to dry completely and absorb the water and oils, simply splash some warm water on your face, massage around, and again allow to air dry. This will wash away a bit of the oil and usually solves the problem. Next time, just use a bit less oils. If it a night time application, just leave the extra oils for added skin nourishment.  

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